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About Sudarshan Power Yoga

What is Power Yoga ?

Power Yoga is a dynamic, fast, repetition kind of Hatha/Ashtanga Yoga Practices. It is a high intensity Yoga. There is an intense in doing Asanas and Ujjayi breathing exercises. It is a balanced and scientific method of movement. The method of connecting postures with flowing movement and breathing create high heat, high-energy workout. This form of yoga is choreographed through a sequence of postures that flow into one another, building strength, releasing tension from tight joints and loosening muscles. The conscious Ujjaayi and long breathing practice invigorates the body and relaxes the mind. This is what sets this practice apart from every other forms of Yoga.

Power Yoga for Weight Loss

Yes!! Power Yoga is an effective technique for obesity and helps in weight reduction, as it includes the Hatha Yoga practices of Kriyas, Surya Namaskar, Vinyasa, Effortful Asanas, Pranayama, Bandas and Mudras. Regular practice of Power Yoga helps in maintaining a youthful body and mind. We loose weight and improve the system by regulating and balancing our hormones in the body. In ancient times, Hatha Yoga was practiced for many years as a preparation for Meditation a higher state of consciousness and energy. Power Yoga is a very important science for humanity today as it regulates our system and it balances the hormones in our body.

Power Yoga for Students

Power Yoga helps students and youngsters build good immunity system and hence prevent physical and mental ailments. More over, Power Yoga increases their concentration levels and their will power, thus reducing their stress level during their studies and sports. Power yoga builds the physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual aspects of all its practitioners.

Sudarshan - A new age Yoga Guru

Sudarshan, a yoga practitioner for the past 27 years was born and brought up in Bhadravathi, Karnataka. He started learning yoga at the age of five, under the tutelage of his guru: Mahrishi Malladihalli Raghavendra Swamy, an exponent in Yoga and Ayurveda, one who lived & served the society for 105 years. At a young age of 12, Sudarshan won his first gold medal at the national level - Gold Medal in Yoga , in the year 1990. He has won numerous medals, not only at university, state and zonal levels but also at national and international level yoga compititions. Sudarshan has a Master Degree in Yoga from SVYASA, a reputed Yoga University, Bangalore. He is currently persuing his PhD in Yoga as well.


Sudarshan has secured numerous gold medals in National and International yoga events and championships. He has been honored as Karnataka Yoga Ratna-2008, by Karnataka Yoga Association [KYA] Bangalore. He is an illustrator and performer for the book ''Yoga for Health'', an advanced yoga book published by Pustak Mahal. Now he is one of the faculty members in MSc-Yoga Dept of Bangalore University. He has been teaching all forms of Yoga from general to advanced level in different centers in India for the past 18 years. Having expertise in yoga therapy he has treated hundreds of patients suffered from different chronic diseases such as cancer, asthma, arthritis, diabetes, back pain, epilepsy etc,. He also teaches meditation and Yoga-Nidra [Yoga Sleep] to help people with stress related problems via relaxation techniques.


He has taught Power Yoga to various high profile Bollywood stars and international celebrities, sports players and their families. Mr. Anil Kumble, S M Krishna [Ex-Karnataka CM & Foreign Minister of India], Vijay Mallya, Umesh Hingorani [UB Group] are a few of the celebrities who have been students of Sudarshan.

Honours and Publications
Karnataka Yoga Rathna Award, bestowed by Karnataka Yoga Association, 2008 at Bangalore
llustrator and performer for advanced yoga book ''Yoga for Health'' published by Pustak Mahal.
Yoga Qualifiications : PARA VIDYA - Inner Education
Honours Certificate for Yoga Instructors' Course from SVYASA Bangalore, Aug 2005
Honours Certificate for MSc-Yoga from SVYASA, Jan 2009.
Currently persuing PhD in Yoga at SVYASA, subject : Effect of Yoga Therapy on Cancer Ailment.
Medals : International Level
Gold Medal at International Federation Cup, Yogasana Competition, Bangalore, 1991.
Bronze Medal at International Yoga Competition, VVK Yoga, Bangalore, 1992
Medals : National Level
Gold Medal in 15th National Yoga Championships, 1990-91, Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Bronze Medal in 16th National Yoga Championship 1991-92, Davangere, Karnataka
Bronze Medal in 17th National Yoga Championship, 1993-94, Madhurai, Tamil Nadu
Bronze Medal in 20th National Yoga Championships, 1995-96, Bhatinda, Punjab
Sliver Medal in 21st National Yoga Championships, 1996-97, Madhurai, Tamil Nadu
Gold Medal in 24th National Yoga Championships, 1999, Davangere, Karnataka
Education Qualifiications : APARA VIDYA - Outer Education
B Com from Sir M. V. Arts & Commerce College, Kuvempu University, Bhadravathi.
MBA in Marketing from Kuvempu University, Tholhunse Davangere.
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